Always Hire a Reliable Locksmith Expert

All of us fall into desperate situations at one time or other in our lives. There have been thousands of instances when such instances occur and leave us shocked. A lock in or lock out is perhaps the most important among such desperate events. It takes place when you forget your car or home keys inside. Generally, such incidents take places when you are in a hurry in the morning or you are lost in the thoughts of some other world.

Let us take an instance, you have been driving continuously just for the sheer pleasure of it. Suddenly, you notice a shop and feel like getting a hamburger or a sandwich. You park the car to get the food but when you return, an incident occurs which put you in a great shock. You find that you have mistakenly left the keys in the car. Something must be done as there is an important meeting to take place in two hours.

The first thing that should come to your mind is to call a professional and reliable locksmith, like this lock and key professional in Tucson, AZ. There are many professional locksmith services that you can hire no matter in which situation you find yourself trapped in. But it can’t be denied that there are many who charge far less for their services than the others. As a result, they are looked upon with a spirit of doubt.

However, you must understand that it would be an absolute folly to hire the services of a pricey locksmith when you can get the same thing for a far less price on this website or a similar place. When the word ‘cheap’ is attached with something, people begin to think that the service would not be of good quality but this is not always the case. It is simply that the locksmith doesn’t want to believe in charging more from the customer who are in urgent need of hiring their services.

Generally, an experienced and professional locksmith has the ability to deal with any situation that is related to lock. His services generally include opening the door of a car or home in a desperate situation without causing any harm to lock, repairing or replacing the locks and installing the new locks when the old are dead and gone. He can install any kind of lock. It is a pretty complicated process and should only be done by an expert. While installing a new lock, the locksmith removes the interior knob and remove the decorative cover. Then, they disassemble the section by removing the two interior screws. After this, they remove the door knob and install a brand new lock system in place of it. If you have just moved in a new home, the first thing that you should do is change the all the door locks. A locksmith can also upgrade your locks to comply with the latest insurance standards.

While choosing the lock installation service, make sure that your locksmith is competent enough to handle any kind of lock. His service should be excellent and the company offering guarantees and insured installation is always the best. You should also ask for other services that your locksmith offers before making a deal. Always remember to seek some references from your friends and neighbors about the services provided by the locksmith.

How a Locksmith Installs New Locks


Whether it is in a newly constructed home, or an older home that you have just purchased, you want to have new locks in the premise you just moved into or are concerned about the safety of your current locks and need them replaced with new ones, the job needs to be done by the right person. A qualified locksmith will help you get the locks installed the right way so they serve their intended purpose and they do so for a long time. When it comes to guaranteeing the safety your loved ones, it is best to leave the job to the professionals as only they can guarantee quality work. But how does a locksmith install new locks when you call on them?

If the door had other locks installed initially, it will not require the holes to be drilled. If however it is a new door, the locksmith will drill holes into the door on which the new locks will fit. If there is an old lock covering the hole, it needs to be removed and a locksmith will do so by removing the screws securing it and the door knob. Removing the door knobs precedes removing the deadbolt but for both actions to be completed successfully the interior and exterior parts need to be pulled simultaneously.

Once the old lock leaves the door, it is time to assemble the new lock into the hole. For faster an economical results, a locksmith will settle for a lock of a brand and/or design similar to the old one. This saves the time and money that would be spend in drilling new holes for locks designed differently. The new lock is placed carefully ensuring that the slanted side faces the direction towards which the doors swings.

The locksmith then places the lock plate on the lock assembly and screws it in place. The doorknob is then slid on to the door’s front and back and slight shifts made to ensure that the spindle slides through the lock assembly for perfect linkage. Holding these knobs in place, the screws are inserted into the interior side of the knob and tightened in place. New strike plates follow which are placed on the doorjamb and screwed in place.

One the new lock is in place, a good locksmith will always try it out to ensure it works perfectly. They will try the turning the knob from either of the sides as well as locking and unlocking the locks to ensure they give the right key for every lock.

A good locksmith will be able to achieve a perfect new lock installation in a single attempt. If not able to do so however, it is best to repeat to ensure that the job is done perfectly. Wondering how long the entire procedure will take. This will entirely depend on the level of expertise of the locksmith working on the lock. For most however, it will be less than an hour with some taking as short as 10minutes to work on a single lock. If there are many locks to be installed in a premise, it is best to have several locksmiths work on them simultaneously so as to save on time.